Thursday, October 27, 2011

workin' like a dog

b- after work, dani and i met up with lani and her boyfriend brian at the dog park in silver lake.  as soon as we let her doggy off the leash,  the magic began to ensue.  dogs of all makes and models were playing and slamming each other into the dirt.  needless to say, it made our day.

d- i found these steven allen overalls at crossroads a few months back. the beige color conveys a completely different message than the worker's classic blue denim overalls. not intended for hard work by any means, these needed to be dressed up. i use to wear blue overalls all the time in grade school. they were my go-to if i over slept. it's nice to revisit them in a different context. they're ridiculously comfortable. some things never change.

 d- silence and noise blazer, steven allen overalls, calvin klein tank top, h&m and vintage bangles, cc skye ring, ray-ban wayfarers.

 b- urban outfitters jacket and jeans,  forever 21 beanie, earrings and ring, vintage thermal, converse sneakers.


this is doc. . .

 doing what he does best. 


thank you to lani, brian, & doc for another lovely afternoon. happy family.


  1. these pictures are gorgeous! the dog is hilarious :)

  2. Dogs are the best and I love your style as always....-Jessica