Wednesday, December 14, 2011

birthday gift

d- of course it was blair who gave me the perfect birthday gift. i've been wanting my own copy since it came out in may with its accompanying exhibit at the met. alexander mcqueen: savage beauty blows my mind. i was nearing the end of my first experience of helping to produce an exhibition and catalog for a fashion museum, the fidm museum, when i first saw the catalog. i had a new appreciation for taking on such a task, especially one that is breaking boundaries.

the main point to make is that the objects showcased were not apart of the met collection. all items were on loan, mainly from the mcqueen archive, and were able to be worn by live models in order to be shot by photographer extraordinaire solve sundsbo. with the help of a 6 person retouching team the models were then transformed into mannequins. genius concept. the models gave life and movement to the garments, something very tricky to create with mannequins. well done met, you've set the bar that museum standards can never meet.

i'm sure i was feeling equal parts jealousy and awe at the time, but looking at it now i feel nothing but joy. thank you blair for the perfect birthday gift.

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