Sunday, July 29, 2012

green gradation

d- i decided to put some green elements together and came up with one my favorite recent looks. it's a cool play on the ombre technique, making it a sharp linear transition from one shade to the next instead of the fade. keeping it all in the same color family made it a unified look. i think next time i'm gonna play with purples. 

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also . . . we were asked to submit our theodore cocktail ring to the crowd jewel art deco jewelry competition. please head on over to their site and vote for george & laurel. :)


d- forever 21 sweater, earrings, and bangles, giorgio sant'angelo shorts, converse chucks, h&m cocktail ring.


  1. I like the black accessories with this. Keep the rest simple.

  2. the link to vote doesn't work. i tried going to the actual site and when you click on the deco competition it takes you to the wild thing competition. :P i will keep trying!

    1. hey kaili! it was down for a bit, but should be working now. thanks for loving us so hard.

  3. sporty chic!