Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NYC Dream Trip

b- as we mentioned in the last post, we have been a bit absent from the blog due to all the momentum surrounding our latest george & laurel collection, california grizzly.  at the beginning of the month, dani and i traveled to nyc to pitch our newest collection to the largest publications in the country like harper's bazaar, marie claire, instyle, teen vogue, etc.  

so we hit the skies and headed out

and before any of the hard work started, we played behind the scenes at snl first.  priorities.

The next day we wandered around the city and found our favorite restaurant, pies n' thighs.  yep, you guessed it, they make a lot of pies and fried chicken. and donuts. and fried catfish. and beer.  heaven.

but all play and no work is not how we roll... it was time to handle business.  we set up our line at a showroom on 5th ave and provided all our guests with a little nibble to discuss jewelry over.

After hours of slanging jewelry, we worked up quite an apetite and headed out with our bad bitch of pr, melissa and got some serious grubbin done.

Then it was off to our deskside meetings with accessory editors at conde nast.  dani pitched like a pro and everyone absolutely loved the collection.  it was one of the best moments of our lives as designers.

the next day started early with several meetings at the hearst building where we met with cosmopolitan, marie claire, harper's bazaar, etc. Keep your eyes peeled in the following months for our g&l jewels in some of those publications.

all in all, it was one of the best trips that dani and i have ever been on.  the combination of food, friends, snl, and all things business made our year (it didn't hurt that editors of all of our favorite mags were drooling over our jewels.)   can't wait to keep grinding and getting our jewelry out in the world!


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